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Technology is evolving at fast pace. Jeff Bezos had already crossed the Karman line at 100 kilometer above Earth! Amazon.com was started as an online bookstore by Jeff Bezos in 1994 from his garage, where he along with a few employees started developing the software for the site. Within a year, they expanded to a two-room bedroom house. He is a British software developer who moved to Seattle in 1989 and was working at the University of Washington before being hired on by Amazon. Most of the programming for Amazon was performed by Davis and Kaphan, while Bezos worked to build the business plan and secure deals with book wholesalers. Do you see the relation there? He is a software developer but worked on the business plan. Why is that? Because he is a visionary too. He had visioned that his business plan will gear up with the power of technology. His vision came true. He had been rewarded. He earned it. He is talented for sure, but fortune played a role too. Back then, technology was just started to rise. His vision of selling books online was a success. Technology was the primer, and then the business plan. Let me ask you, where do you place yourself in terms of Software Developer or Business Developer? It is hard to learn and memorize all single programming languages or frameworks. You have already found your sweet spot and you are okay with it. For instance, you must be an expert on Python. You have been learning all its core features, APIs, framework and so on. You are cool! You are solving problems pretty good. You may be a bit edgy to learn another new technology. But do you have a vision? Do you have a business plan? Syed is no different! Syed is passionate to learn new technologies as it matures. Syed has started learning journey at his early age, and he is still learning. He has been bouncing to most technologies at certain extent and then he moves on to another one. His desire to learn never stops. One day he started a project on building a dashboard and next day he moves onto crack another framework. Moreover, Syed had been working in many industries. Syed is a leader. He is an expert on team building, conflict resolutions, project management and moreover, he can mingle with any team at ease no matter what domain he is working on. Syed is a technologist, and he spends most of his time exploring new technologies. But unlike Jeff Bezos, he is looking for a business plan. He is looking for a person, a startup, or an organization to get advanced. You may be lacking tech skills, but you have money sitting on your bank to monetize. You may be a technologist lacking someone to lead. You may be an organization looking for a leader. You may be searching for that unicorn in your subconscious mind but never found one. Syed can help. Syed is trustworthy, honest and he would very much like to discuss opportunities with you.


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Web App Developer as profession, Photographer by heart and Chef in Soul, Syed is a social person like you who beholds positive outlook and attitude. He enjoys spending time with family and friends and enjoys cooking a lot.

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